6 Big Picture Reasons To Advocate For Music Therapy

6 Big Picture Reasons To Advocate For Music Therapy
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6 Big Picture Reasons To Advocate For Music Therapy
Kris Holt|@krisholt|April 25, 2023 10:28 AM

Happy New Year!

This is a pivotal time for Music Therapy Ed, and we need your adviceWe’ve hired two new virtual assistants (shout out to Beth & Mabel!), we’ll launch a new website this month (God willing), and we’re setting up trademark new consumer experiences for the VIP Subscription and single undertow purchases.

Did I overly mention that I manage a practice in San Diego? There’s that too! Needless to say, juggling a virtual team, a San Diego team, keeping thousands of clients and customers happy, AND practicing FOCUS feels like a circus right now ????

Trust me, one of my themes for 2017 is transplanting off my plate and saying NO. I’m in process of transplanting something very HUGE off my plate, and can’t wait to signify it. But right now we’re in the middle of everything, all the time, altogether, simultaneous, push push push. Good news is that the light at the end of the tunnel is get closer. And it’s all very exciting.

Meanwhile, we have important work to do! Let’s talk well-nigh advocacy for the field of music therapy! This month is Social Media Sponsorship month, and I’d like to share 6 big picture reasons to well-wisher for our field.

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We were so fortunate to have Emily Bevilacqua and Leslie Henry as guests of Mindstorm Monday last summer, and they shared a wealth of knowledge. We’ll be sharing tidbits from their interview throughout the month of January to kick off sponsorship in a strong way!

The theme this year is Your Guide To Sponsorship ZEN. And we want to help make sponsorship as easy and fun (yes FUN!) as possible…. First let’s start with WHY we advocate. Weightier takeaways from the video include:

1. Remember who we’re advocating for
2. What sponsorship has to do with funding

Watch the video, and share YOUR weightier takeaways in a scuttlebutt below! Kat

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