Ethics in practice: Why should I know about human rights & ethics?

Ethics in practice: Why should I know about human rights & ethics?
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Ethics in practice: Why should I know about human rights & ethics?
Kris Holt|@krisholt|April 25, 2023 10:28 AM

When we consider values in practice, it is up to us to know how human rights issues impact our clients. While unrepealable human rights issues may not impact us personally, they do impact our clients. (Let me know if you disagree – I’d love to hear your perspective.)

You have to be tuned in to the world and the things that matter to our clients. If we’re not tuned in, then we miss opportunities to connect with our clients. We are a person-centered field. We want to treat to whole person – If we’re missing huge chunks of makes that person who s/he is, then there’s a disconnect.

Ethics & human rights matters to us on a very deep integral level. Here’s why:

Join us in the course!

If you’d like to REALLY dig in to music therapy ethics, then trammels out Dr. Natasha Thomas’s Ethics & Human Rights course. It fulfills the values requirement! Here’s what’s included:

  • You’ll learn a 5-point framework for exploring values & human rights so that as you encounter upstanding dilemmas you’ll finger confident moving forward.
  • You’ll have wangle to the supportive forum where all your questions get answered.
  • You’ll be a witness to deep exploration of how our cultural preliminaries impacts the service to our clients, so that your clients may finger plane increasingly honored and understood.

Join us in the undertow today! Our forum is well-nigh to be buzzing along. If you purchase during the new release, then you’ll get a endangerment to participate in Natasha’s special Office Hours. (Office Hours unshut you up to so much increasingly than the undertow – an opportunity to connect directly with Natasha, in real-time, over the phone.) Join us!

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