Giving Tuesday: Our Favorite Nonprofits!

Giving Tuesday: Our Favorite Nonprofits!
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Giving Tuesday: Our Favorite Nonprofits!
Kris Holt|@krisholt|April 25, 2023 10:28 AM

There are a ton of nonprofits that our team loves, but there are 4 special ones that we finger deserve a big spotlight! Happy Giving Tuesday! Please donate to these nonprofits to help support the people who need it the most —

AMTAS – American Music Therapy Students

These guys are our future! They are selling shirts through tomorrow ONLY, so you gotta buy today! I love investing in our students considering they will hold the torch of our field into the future. There are so many sunny music therapy students! Let’s come together to requite them some major support!

Buy a shirt here:

Ukulele Kids Club

Last year we made a giant donation to these guys. They are AMAZING! They are now supporting paid positions for workbench certified music therapists in Children’s Hospitals. I’m so proud of what they’ve created, and I will protract to support them and spread the word.

Donate here: 

United for Puerto Rico

This organization had a presence at the walkout hall at the AMTA conference. Also, Mabel (a member of our team) has family still in Puerto Rico with no power. At conference, we spoke with a couple Puerto Ricans who are starting the movement to bring music therapy to this precious island.

Donate here:

Bi-County Services in Bluffton, IN

Recognizing that all individuals have nobility and worth, it is the mission of Bi-County Services to enable individuals with disabilities to make choices and to live, learn, and participate meaningfully in their communities. Such an honorable mission! This one was Beth Yoder’s pick =) Thanks Beth!

Donate here:

Add Your Own Faves!

Drop a scuttlebutt unelevated to let us know of your favorite nonprofit that supports our clients!

Best nonprofits

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